We’re gonna kick this week off with the first Sunday Special Round-Up. In The Phuse’s twitter feed (follow us!) we feature 10 great articles five days a week. These articles focus on everything from design to productivity to freelancing. Learning new things, with the help of these articles, is how we grow as designers and developers. We like to share because we believe that by doing so we assist others in the same way.

Every Sunday we’ll be featuring the best from these feeds over the past week. That’s your special Round Up. Hope you find these as helpful as we did. And if you have anything to share with us, we’d be happy to hear from you!

What Can Your Clients Reasonably Expect From You?

What Can Your Clients Reasonably Expect From You?

This article covers what all Freelancers hate: The predisposition that freelancers are people who work from home and are only working on your project. That, and that we are completely at one client’s disposal. We’ve all had the client calls in the middle of the night asking for a change that could have waited the night, and the irrational needs. Laura Spencer hits the spot with telling clients what they should expect from us, and that negotiating is key in this stellar FreelanceFolder article.

6 Bad Client Types and How to Manage Them

You might be asking me at this point – “James, what’s with all the hate for the clients?”. There is no hate for the clients here. Instead, we need to educate ourselves in how to deal with our clients. More importantly, how each client is different and what sorts of attention each one of these needs to get the project done right, on time, and with as little stress as possible!

What can we learn from Mobile Phone UX?

With 2009′s surge of mobile technology and a move to a more mobile form of Internet, more and more attention is being put on design in mobile phones. This article covers what we can learn from this as designers and developers, and on top of that, how we can change the usability of our websites to meet this trend.

A 4-Step Process for a Positive Web Marketing Approach

With more and more companies coming online to market their businesses, as marketers and salespeople, we need to figure out creative ways to advertise our products and services. A great article from Six Revisions and Alex Kessinger, we get a great overview of some things we should keep in mind when marketing that we often forget about in the mess of things!

How To Create The Perfect Client Questionnaire

How To Create The Perfect Client Questionnaire

One of the most overlooked parts of the proposal process has been the client questionnaire. Oftentimes a potential client will send us an e-mail asking for a website and proposal, and we’ll fire off a couple of questions and send them a proposal. In that time we’re so rushed for getting the questions back to them and sending out that proposal that we forget to ask something… What’s worse is when they still expect that thing to be completed within the budget approved. Here’s a good article that reminds you about how to write a good questionnaire!

Critical Mistakes Freelancers Make

As freelancers, we are constantly making mistakes. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is how we learn from these mistakes and adapt to make better decisions. Here’s an article from Smashing Magazine that tells us about mistakes that have been made that shouldn’t be made again!

The Bare Bones That Every Freelance Contract Should Have

The Bare Bones That Every Freelance Contract Should Have

Speaking of some of these makes, most of us who have a contract now probably didn’t when we started freelancing. We know from painful experiences that in not having this contract we got jipped out of a lot of work that we’ve completed. This article reiterates the importance of a freelance contract and goes over some contract essentials!

Internet Famous: Becoming an Online Celebrity

Becoming famous online is tough, because anyone can do it. However, having some of the factors in this article set out beforehand could help you become the next Paris Hilton – er, Steve Jobs?


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