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Where We Work: The Phuse Home Offices

The Phuse is a distributed team across 3 countries, so instead of a central office, we’ve each created our own unique workspaces from which we sketch, design, code, strategize, write, and communicate with clients and each other. Today’s blog post is a peek into how and where The Phuse works, in which each of us…

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How Is Your Music Affecting Your Productivity?

Some people can work with music, some people can’t. For the people who can, though, they’ll attest to the inspiration music brings to creativity and how some music can influence the style of work, etc. In fact, some designers (myself included) listen to certain genres of music for the pure reason that by doing so, the mood it brings about will be brought through the design. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. A big part of music is about feeling it, and sometimes if you try to force certain types of music on yourself, it ends up failing pretty epically on your end.

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How to (Properly) Transfer Over to Your New Host

I’ve been through a good deal of hosts over the last few years. Whether I’ve interacted with them directly, or heard opinions through IT departments, it’s tough to find a good place to host your files. The guys with great support often have crappy servers, and the guys with awesome servers often have crappy support. It’s sad to say, then, that I can never remember how to transfer over everything properly and always end up messing something up.

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“Sunday Special” Round-Up I

This launch has been a long time coming, and between getting everything together for the launch, and organizing last minute details on some clients’ projects, It’s been a whirlwind of a week. I am thankful for my excellent team and everyone else who has put work into the site behind the scenes.

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The Phuse is here not only as a design and development agency, but as a resource to others. Not to take up senseless space on the Internet, we hope to bring you fresh articles on freelancing, design, and everything we’re working on to inspire you and instill in you positive messages that you can use to accomplish the goals you set your mind to.

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