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Email & Password Auth with AngularFire

What would it be like if you could easily extend the two-way bindings from Angular to sync with your database all in your JavaScript? What would you call that? Three-way binding? Sounds almost too easy. Thankfully the wonderful folks over at Firebase have taken a special interest in making Angular development fast and painless, which…


Customizing Dashed and Dotted Borders in CSS3

I love seeings designs that push the boundaries of CSS. It’s a great feeling to think that a particular component just isn’t possible, only to come across a lovely, clean, cross-browser compatible solution. With CSS3 trail-blazing a new frontier for modern web design, some pretty incredible things are now possible. But there are still a few…


A Reintroduction to the DevTools Console

If you’re a front-end developer, chances are you’re constantly using console.log(); to print to the console in Chrome. Here’s a quick overview of the most approachable time savers and headache preventers that the DevTools Console API provides, all of which you can start using immediately no matter what you’re working on. Open up your console to play…


Better CSS Sprites with Sass

Sass is a powerful and flexible CSS pre-processor that we use extensively at The Phuse. Using Sass features like nested selectors, mixins and extends has become second nature to us as front-end developers, but what if you want to get a little bit fancier? Some of the most powerful features of Sass are SassScript and…

Photo of Chris Kelly

Dev Talk with Chris Kelly

A native of Atlanta, Chris’ role at Highgroove was designed with developers in mind. His job is to keep developers “happy and productive”—a task that, while not small, benefits clients and developers alike.

Eric Meyer at a speaking engagement

Dev Talk with Eric Meyer

Matt is hunting down the coolest devs to talk about life and coding. This dev talk features Eric Meyer, who has been writing about and working on the web for 20 years.

Thomas Reynolds

Dev Talk with Thomas Reynolds

Matt is hunting down the coolest devs to talk about life and coding. This dev talk features Thomas Reynolds, Technical Lead at Instrument, a large digital agency based in Portland, OR.

Dave Rupert

Dev Talk with Dave Rupert

Matt is hunting down the coolest devs to talk about life and coding. The first in a series, this dev talk features Dave Rupert, lead developer at Paravel and co-host of the ATX Web Show podcast.