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Designer Attitudes That Ruin Client Relationships

As designers, we shouldn’t be so quick blame our clients when things don’t work. When taxi drivers take a wrong turn, they don’t blame their passengers—they defer to their own knowledge and make informed decisions, preventing wrong turns all-together. Yet too often we see designers—and even industry thought leaders—mocking client requests. For example: “Can you…

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Developer-Friendly Design Tips & Techniques

Whether it’s organizing PSDs or avoiding tricky form elements, designing websites in a developer-friendly way will help you stay on schedule, under budget, and not make your developer want to stab you — all important concerns for a healthy work environment.


Iterating on Process

An iterative process isn’t confined to design. It moves beyond that to encompass everything we do as a business.


The Future of the Web Is Responsive

Wherever you’re reading this, you’ll know that the web can be accessed from pretty much anywhere nowadays. Technology is naturally adapting to our ever-changing lifestyles… and that’s a good thing.