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5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

We all know procrastination sucks, but most of us do it anyway. So here are some actionable tips to get over it and back to work: 1. The Maker Routine: Start your day by making something. What’s the first thing you do when you get up? Most of us have morning routine that involves reading…

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How To Automate Your Work

I’ve been relentlessly focused on finding ways to automate the tasks I repeat every week and saving time wherever possible. Here are a few of my favorite tools and tactics that you can use in your own workflow, too.

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Forming Good Work Habits

Here are ideas that are especially important if you work from home, but can also help you in any work situation. Stay organized, productive and motivated!


Iterating on Process

An iterative process isn’t confined to design. It moves beyond that to encompass everything we do as a business.

Good example of what not to do when working at home.

Make Working at Home Work for You

Working from the comfort of your own home isn’t easy. In fact, it presents a whole set of challenges that people who have the benefit of separate work and home environments never even consider.

Failure: We all fail, some more often than others.

Flirting with Failure

Dealing with failure in a useful way is a mindset you have to get into. Take lessons from your past failures and apply them to future projects and break away from the modern obsession with positive thinking.

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The Value of Appreciation

If it weren’t for our amazing clients, our team wouldn’t be able to afford to do what we all love to do for a living. It’s pretty clear just sitting in on our team chats and meetings with clients that the appreciation goes both ways. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I realized how important it really is to feel appreciated when times are tough.

How to Stay Productive Over the Holidays

It’s hard to stay productive during the holidays. Between spending time with your loved ones and family, and clients pushing to get projects completed before the new year rolls around, you have a lot on your plate. So how do you take what little time you have and be productive with it?