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Creative Perks for Small Businesses

When Buffer released how much they pay their staff  a couple months ago, I got a little nervous. Other than the fact that I make half of what Joel (their CEO) makes every year, they hire staff for positions similar to ours and pay them $12,000 – $20,000/year more than we do. We don’t make…


Lessons in Transparency

The tech industry is huge. Our team and our clients have no shortage of design agencies to choose from. There’s incredible competition between companies to offer more benefits and higher salaries, but also reduce rates to a level that can’t afford the best people. To truly set yourself apart in our industry, you have to…

James' hair looks like this.

You Are Who You Hire

Hiring isn’t just about bottom lines and getting work done, it’s about raising the bar in your work and maintaining trust with your clientele.

Photo of Tessa giving an interview

Atlanta Raid Retrospective

I love Atlanta. Whether it be the amazing selection of food, the well-groomed and stylish hipsters it seems to keep, or simply because most of our clients are based out of there, Atlanta consistently keeps the traveller in me content for the rest of the year.

Photo of the Atlanta skyline

Heads Up: The Phuse Invades Atlanta!

About once a year, some of The Phuse team flies down to Atlanta, GA to do a meet-and-greet with our clients and colleagues. That time is now, so read on to learn about the events we’re attending and sponsoring while we’re there.


Iterating on Process

An iterative process isn’t confined to design. It moves beyond that to encompass everything we do as a business.